Are you sitting comfortably?


Working at a computer all day can often result in aching backs, necks, and joints.  Much has been learned regarding ergonomic setup for computer workstations, and it is important to ensure that your work environment is assessed as impacting as minimally on your body as possible.  A quick checklist and diagram of good workstation setup can be found here.

Having a good desk setup, taking regular breaks and moving regularly during the work day are important, and one recent addition to the toolkit to manage this is the sit-stand desk, a height adjustable addition to office furniture allowing one to change working position regularly during the day.  I have recently added a Varidesk, a desktop unit which transforms existing office furniture to a sit-stand desk, to our home office and am enjoying experiencing the change in adjusting the desk height.

While long term benefits from adjustable height desks are yet to be proven as we have not had them for long enough, I believe they have great potential to reduce the impact of desk work on the body.  We know that long term sedentary work is damaging to our health, however computer work is now more prevalent than ever, and it is important to try to reduce the impact of this.